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In the end of the day it all goes down to what you want! But I’ll pay more in Pretoria because the girl are more fun and RSvP is one hell of a nice place everything they say about the place is true! its clean fresh and top top class girls

Comment posted by: DJ
(19 Jul 2022 11:38 AM)

It depends, I’ve had great times in Pretoria and Johannesburg. To be frank at the moment I think the standard is better is Johannesburg. admittedly it’s the first time in a while it’s like that though. Just my opinion.

Comment posted by: Joop
(19 Jul 2022 8:44 AM)

There’s fewer venues in Pretoria so less competition so rates will be higher here.

Comment posted by: Johannn
(19 Jul 2022 6:49 AM)

Jip Pretoria has more classy ladies but much more expensive 😟

Comment posted by: Frik33
(19 Jul 2022 4:18 AM)

@Hannes53 I agree but Jhb much cheaper than PTA so I guess you get what you pay for..

Comment posted by: Kerel
(18 Jul 2022 7:46 PM)

True was in Joburg recently and was soo disappointed with what’s available, cleanliness and just overall condition of the venue I visited.

Pretoria remains the best by far.

Comment posted by: Hannes53
(18 Jul 2022 5:05 PM)

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Comment posted by: 💦RSVP - Pretoria has the BEST LADIES💋
(18 Jul 2022 11:21 AM)

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