😋 We are back at VG 😋 - by VelvetGlow

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@Raka Thank you for your lovely comment darling.... 

Enough to give us butterflies and even wider smiles on our faces....

We so can't wait to feel you again...😍

Come and see us soon...💋🍒

Comment posted by: Sandra@VG
(3 Jan 2023 1:32 PM)

To all you sexy adorable girls I want to wish you everything of the best for 2023. I want to thank you for wonderful times and want to echo the words of the song above !!! XXX

Comment posted by: Raka
(3 Jan 2023 9:19 AM)

Did You miss Us? 😊 We definitely missed YOU!! 🥰

Lets start this year the right way! The VG way! 

With a sexy Sensual Massage and a Seductive Strip Dance 💃 

Book now to avoid Disappointment 🔥 
072 808 0776  / 082 817 4179 

Feel You later 👅 

Comment posted by: VelvetGlow
(3 Jan 2023 4:40 AM)

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