How important is hygiene to the ladies? - by Fabio

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@Fabio...Hygiene is pretty important in our industry that's why all of us shower before and after every session.

And I can't speak for all the ladies but for us it's definitely a turn on when you smell leka and you are clean xxx

Comment posted by: Penny & Kelsey
(8 Aug 2022 2:08 PM)

Great question @Fabio I personally shower before and after irrespective.

Comment posted by: ButcherBoy
(8 Aug 2022 2:08 PM)

Hi Fabio.

hygiene is number one on our list.

be pleased to take notice that all hygiene, for both client and the girl are strictly followed

Comment posted by: Melony@VG
(8 Aug 2022 2:04 PM)

I ask this sensitive question as I can make sure I'm as clean as possible but it doesn't mean the next guy will. How can I be sure everything is 100%?

Comment posted by: Fabio
(8 Aug 2022 12:50 PM)

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