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@ Harold.
Doesn't sound like a pleasant situation. 
However, how does this jealous lady know you're visiting others at the venue? You say "the drama to follow" indicating that once you visit another lady she will find out and there will be drama. In what sense? Does she have your contact number or are you referring to the next time you visit her? My advice is to always keep things professional, meaning no sharing of contact numbers, and also transparency, meaning if she shows jealousy then raise your dissatisfaction with that immediately so she is aware that it's your choice and visiting various ladies is part of the industry. Also, all this should be discreet so if the lady finds out through internal channels then raise this with the venue.

Comment posted by: Josh
(11 Aug 2022 10:10 AM)

Do people still worry about things like this? Once a punter always a punter and very proud of it!

Comment posted by: FantasySeeker
(8 Aug 2022 10:45 AM)

@Harold I had a similar issue and to be honest it was self inflicted but fortunately the lady left and the problem went away so I was free to visiting whoever I felt like. 

Comment posted by: SethJhb
(5 Aug 2022 11:46 AM)

hi Harold.

you reserve the right to book anyone whom you wish to.

should the lady be jealous if you book with another lady, that is on her.

make your booking and enjoy your time with who ever you want to, it's no one else's business 

Comment posted by: Melony@VG
(5 Aug 2022 7:29 AM)

How old are you Harold if I may ask? Do you still worry about what others say about you? Is it your money that you spend when you visit a venue/lady?

Comment posted by: Gary224
(5 Aug 2022 7:29 AM)

Seeking advice please.
I was with a lady a few times at a specific venue and discovered through a basic discussion that she’s quite possessive over my time.
I was quite annoyed but realised early on that visiting others could become embarrassing so I venture out to other venues when I need a change of scenery just to avoid a potential issue.
There’s now a new lady at the same venue and I’d really like to visit her but can only imagine the drama to follow.
Any advice?

Comment posted by: Harold
(4 Aug 2022 4:53 PM)

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