Music🎶🎶during a booking - by Funguy

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No country music for me please. And Afrikaans music is a no no. Then that horrid music 
with the birds and water and pan flute, I don’t even know what you call it.

Comment posted by: GertMG
(30 Oct 2022 12:37 PM)

Cafe del mar for me.🎶💦

Comment posted by: Oubal
(30 Oct 2022 12:37 PM)

@Ben you should cumm visit so we can put our minds and maybe body's together and find a good song or 2😏😈😝

Comment posted by: Drew@VG
(29 Oct 2022 11:40 AM)

Drew I like your trail of thinking 👌

Comment posted by: Ben
(29 Oct 2022 10:14 AM)

I like lounge music, the type you get in a good restaurant.

Comment posted by: Funguy
(29 Oct 2022 9:44 AM)

Please no Afrikaans or pan flute music. Mood breaker

Comment posted by: Nicolas
(28 Oct 2022 11:35 AM)

😈 Guys I share your feelings about this,,there is nothing better than a good Playlist to set the mood😏😘

Comment posted by: Drew@VG
(28 Oct 2022 10:04 AM)

Of the utmost importance my friend.  I remember there was a lady that use to ask me from her list of music, which one I would like to listen to for the session. That in itself already made me comfortable.

Comment posted by: Chocolates
(28 Oct 2022 9:03 AM)

Ladies and my fellow punters, how important is music to you to set the mood during a session?

Comment posted by: Funguy
(27 Oct 2022 7:45 PM)

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