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Well Candy, I must say, you have planted the seed. And yes you are dead right, I do like watching a lady being comfortable with herself.

And by they way, I think your profile is exquisite.

Comment posted by: GerryJ
(8 Sep 2022 11:06 AM)

@GerryJ, am I right if I make the assumption that you are a visual person?

If so, then let me take you by the hand, or hands, and show you how you can be  my toy of choice and pleasure. 

Or maybe you can take the pleasure of 2 ladies in a double. We will make you watch, we will take our toys and make one another cum, slowly but intensely. 

Tell me is that what you like?

Your girl
Candy 🍭 

Comment posted by: Candy@RSVP
(8 Sep 2022 8:15 AM)

I'm the only toy you need baby 

Comment posted by: Nicole@RSVP
(8 Sep 2022 8:08 AM)

cum surprise me with a toy of your choice and Well explore it together πŸ’‹πŸ˜ˆ

Comment posted by: Maxi@RSVP
(8 Sep 2022 8:08 AM)

New territory but maybe we can explore it together πŸ”₯

Comment posted by: Alice@rsvp
(8 Sep 2022 8:08 AM)

@jerryj I have a few toys if u are ready yo play

Comment posted by: Ashley@vg
(8 Sep 2022 7:33 AM)

Ladies, ladies, surely 🀷🏻

Comment posted by: GerryJ
(8 Sep 2022 7:00 AM)

Any ladies on here that like playing with toys and what toys do you prefer? …. asking for a friend😎

Maybe a pic or 2

Comment posted by: GerryJ
(8 Sep 2022 4:36 AM)

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