Who’s got the prettiest face?? - by JanJan

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Sorry I have forgotten the faces so I cant partake in this survey, but man there are some extremely sexy and booblishes ladies at this venue. 

Comment posted by: Raka
(13 Sep 2022 4:36 PM)

Vg girls..Ashley...Gabriella and Juliana is ready for your sexy and flirtatious needs..cum I dare u here at Vg we bring the heat

Comment posted by: Ashley@vg
(12 Sep 2022 11:04 AM)

@janjan why don't u cum visit me at vg!!! I will show u both pretty and naughty 

Comment posted by: Ashley@vg
(12 Sep 2022 10:58 AM)

Are you kidding me.  They all are and now that Gabs is back, man the choice is difficult.

Comment posted by: Francois
(12 Sep 2022 10:58 AM)

@JanJan, that’s a good question, but a difficult one to answer.

To me it depends on what you like. Blonde brunette, green ,blue or brown eyes. Fuller lips, thin lips etc.

I like a lady with confidence. As long as she has that x-factor, it’s a turn on for me.

Comment posted by: Chocolates
(12 Sep 2022 10:55 AM)

Hi Gents,

In your opinion, which lady has the prettiest face on ACE?

Comment posted by: JanJan
(12 Sep 2022 9:00 AM)

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