Why are the pubters so silent - by Raka

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@Chocolates ❀
We've noticed that you went silent... πŸ˜₯ but HAY! WELCUM BACK! 😍😘
It has always been fun chatting to you!! 🀩😘  You always say the nicest & sweetest things! 🧁❀

Comment posted by: Mendelssohns TeamπŸ’‹πŸ’‹
(26 May 2023 1:26 PM)

@ Raka ❀ We LOVE interacting with our clients during the day as it breaks the ice & makes everyone feel relaxed & at ease even before the REAL relaxation begins! 😍❀
Building a fun and lasting relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance! 😍❀

You Gentlemen are important to us! 😘😘

Comment posted by: Mendelssohns TeamπŸ’‹πŸ’‹
(26 May 2023 1:25 PM)

Raka, glad you asked the question.

I, personally, haven’t been posting as I felt that ladies were not interested on replying and I lost a bit of interest.

But as of lately I notice that there are a few MG’s that are not shy at all, may I mention the Mendelssohns girls, they are more than willing to partake in the conversations. 

Chrissie still my favorite MG

Comment posted by: Chocolates
(26 May 2023 11:50 AM)

Ah @Raka, as a fellow punter, I agree. For me it is in the returning comments.  I too read a lot into how a lady answers me. I feel I spend a lot of pula so I always test the grounds on the forum beforeI make a decision .

PS. Ashleigh you are one beautiful specimen I will definitely see you soon and Maxi you always deliver, you are great fun!

Comment posted by: Nick
(26 May 2023 11:28 AM)

i think a  conversation  is key ..  its all about having a good chat and getting to know each other and the rest will follow😘

Comment posted by: Maxi@rsvp
(26 May 2023 8:19 AM)

@RAKA Absolutely agree with you, talk the talk and walk the walk. Mindset and foreplay is most essential in a successful meeting behind closed doors. Here at RSVP we love being interactive with our stunning clients. Minds and bodies need to click and connect to ensure the utmost pleasure. Cum and visit us so that we may indeed show you that we are an all-in-one package here to stimulate your mind, soul and body. 

Comment posted by: RSVP Team
(26 May 2023 8:19 AM)

@Raka: I agree with you. Conversation is an integral part of getting to know someone. I enjoy talking to potential clients and getting to know them before our initial meeting. It builds anticipation and also sets the mind at ease at the same time. And entering into a booking when you are comfortable and also knowing what to expect, makes it better for both parties in my opinion. πŸ˜‰

Comment posted by: Dominique@Mends
(26 May 2023 7:35 AM)

Sorry it should be PUNTERS. Must have been a Freudian slip; I have been thinking about that lovely pubic mount of some of the beautiful ladies.

Comment posted by: Raka
(26 May 2023 7:20 AM)

Why are there so little conversational interaction from the punter's side on the blog ? Or do you believe in action speaks louder than words?
Then forgive me if I am talking too much, but sensual talk to me is an essential part of getting to know the lady's frame of mind and help me predict her reaction when we meet behind closed doors. Apart from devouring her sexy photos I am trying to look into her mind while she is relaxed in a safe environment. She then normally reacts the same when confronted by  a salivating randy punter with an erection that needs urgent attention in the room.
Just my penny's worth but would like to hear from the ladies and other punters how do you see the blog talk.

Comment posted by: Raka
(26 May 2023 6:46 AM)

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